Avoiding food waste with Beer Grill’s Culinario range of high-tech food
dispensing showcases.

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Together against waste

Beer Grill AG actively support the German association United Against Waste e. V.

According to latest estimates, roughly one third of the food produced in the world is destroyed. Considering the fact that about 925 million people suffer from famine, this enormous waste is ethically and socially unacceptable. On top, a very substantial amount of natural and human resources is utilised to produce, distribute and, finally, dispose of this commodity. Thus, wasting food also means substantially burdening the environment.


Set climate types according to your requirements – this can extend the presentation periods of warm and chilled dishes.

The types of Culinario climate:
- Warm & dry
- Warm & steamy
- Neutral climate
- Crushed ice climate
- Cooled climate


In addition to the climate, the temperature for the dishes can be set individually for each GN unit – this can prolong the presentation period and keep the food at its best for a longer time.


From breakfast, sandwiches and other in-between snacks, vegetable or pasta dishes for lunch, cake and desserts in the afternoon to an exquisite evening dinner – Culinario gives you optimum support, providing scores of options for your food concept – always aligned to the desires of your customers.

Modern accessories

Open presentation with new forms and materials for optimal food serving with less cost of goods sold.

Mirror effects

Fitting mirrors at the back of a case creates more product pressure and allows you to use less product.

Initiative of the food industry

United Against Waste e.V. is an initiative of the food industry that, jointly with its more than 100 members, provide practicable solutions that demonstrate that reducing food waste saves money and valuable resources. The waste analyses developed by United Against Waste give the industry orientation and opportunities to compare, and they help catering businesses make the issues of wasting food tangible in daily kitchen routine. With their active public relations work, United Against Waste increase the public focus on treating the basic resource food with respect.

Avoiding food waste

Every member develops solutions for avoiding food waste – Beer Grill AG make their contribution by providing solutions from and for day-to-day routine.

Utilising technology and accessories is an important setscrew, especially in employee restaurants and the hotel industry, as well as in hospitals and senior citizens’ institutions, where dispensing counters, keeping temperatures and varying GN sizes and container units play a substantial part in avoiding and reducing food waste.

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