Culinario system

Culinario food dispensing showcases with innovative technology and flexible uses allow for optimum presentation of warm and cooled dishes.

CulinarioLinie modular

Modular design

The Culinario showcases' modular design allows you to combine them to suit your individual needs. Your ideas are registered and processed to suit your needs The Culinario showcases are available as table-top, build-in, stand-alone or mobile models in the standard sizes GN 2/1 to GN 5/1. Custom-made sizes up to GN 13/1 with many practical sub base options that can be perfectly integrated into novel or existing concepts are also possible.

CulinarioLinie Design

Uniform design

With its wide and versatile product range, Culinario allows you to realize your complete food dispensing as well as front cooking in a modern, comprehensive and harmonious design – for warm or cold food or a combination of both, with or without front cooking.

CulinarioLinie Klimaarten

All types of climate available to suit your needs

The optimum climate for your products is the essential requirement for successful food dispensing. Culinario is the world's only food dispensing showcase that allows you to individually set the climate for each GN field, creating ideal conditions for every type of dish. There are no limits to your creativity – the required core temperatures are guaranteed for a prolonged period.

The types of Culinario climate:
- Warm & dry
- Warm & steamy
- Neutral climate
- Crushed ice climate
- Cooled climate

CulinarioLinie Ganztagesloesungen

Solutions for the whole day in one single appliance

With its easily interchangeable carrier modules and a wide selection of accessories, Culinario provides maximum flexibility for your varying concepts throughout the day. Several types of climate can be combined in a single unit.

From breakfast, sandwiches and other in-between snacks, vegetable or pasta dishes for lunch, cake and desserts in the afternoon to an exquisite evening dinner – Culinario gives you optimum support, providing scores of options for your food concept – always aligned to the desires of your customers.

CulinarioLinie bedient selbstbedient

Serviced or self-service

The Culinario system is easy to switch from serviced to self-service or back again, giving you maximum flexibility in implementing your concepts. You can realize new ideas and promising concepts any time. The easy to clean surfaces meet the highest hygienic standards and save you a lot of time.

CulinarioLinie Licht2

Only the best light

With their game-changing presentation technology, Culinario showcases with their powerful LED lighting will always stage your dishes to enhance turnover at the point of sale. Supporting heat and lighting can be individually adjusted for each GN field. To protect your dishes, all illuminants are equipped with the Beer shatter shield.

All appliances are equipped with our standard LED lighting with the choice of warm or neutral light. On Top, the premium Culinario Master Touch line features an exclusive 4-colour LED light system that allows a fascinating colour setting for each GN field.

CulinarioLinie Steuerung

Various control concepts

With their foolproof control concept, all Culinario showcases are easy to use for any operator. According to your requirements, you have a range of choices from manual operation up to intuitive setting via touch displays.

CulinarioLinie Hygiene

Hygiene – Cleaning

The Culinario range is designed to meet all hygienic standards and comply to the HACCP norms. The sneeze guard on the customer side and the glass shelves effectively protect the food.

In addition, we focus on building our appliances with a minimum of grouts, furrows and notches beginning at the design and development stage. Cleaning is therefore extremely simple and efficient, and the surfaces can be easily kept free of viruses and germs. The support modules and accessories are easy to remove and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Also, Beer technology guarantees the required core temperature of the different dishes for an extended length of time.

CulinarioLinie Investitionssicherheit

Safe investment

From the beginning, the Culinario line was designed for a long service life of the food dispensing showcases and with regard to the appliances' easy and simple serviceability when required. The reliability and simple replacement of spare parts in the shortest possible time are guaranteed. The risk of loss of revenue is thus minimized.

CulinarioLinie Wirtschaftlichkeit

Enhanced economic efficiency for your business

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