BEER Hot Tower

Heated self-service showcase for convenience food in classy Beer design.

Produkt Teaser Hot Tower


Modern design for a good overview and safe product selection at the point of sale.

Sales-promoting LED lighting

Powerful LED illuminants attractively stage your dishes.

Correct temperature

Continuously adjustable temperature for each level guarantees maximum storage life and optimum product quality.

Hot Tower Inhaltsseite

Technology for convenience food

Premium quality and classy – Beer's new Hot Tower 

With their new Hot Tower, Beer offer the ideal and flexible solution for promoting impulse purchases of packaged and non-packaged meals and snacks in your store. With its classy design and high-quality workmanship, Hot Tower can be integrated into any type of sales concept, providing an optimum overview at the point of sale, standing alone or in combination with showcases from Beer Grill's Culinario range.


Promoting food sales at the highest level

The transparent design with a lot of glass and mirrored rear sides enables an optimum overview of the displayed convenience food, creating the desired merchandise pressure and attracting customers.

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Correct temperature

Individual optimum temperatures are easy to set by rotating switches individually for each level. Your dishes remain at their best for a longer period, won't continue cooking and don't dry out, and thushave a better texture – your customers will be delighted.

Clear view for your customers

Due to its transparent design, Hot Tower gives your customers a comprehensive view of your selection, generating additional sales of packaged and non-packaged convenience food.

Touchless & Hygiene

Due to the absence of obstacles, e.g. doors, the appliance fulfils highest hygienic standards.

Safety for your customers

Optional protective shields can be installed on the heat radiators to avoid customers burning their fingers or hands when taking food from the rack.

Easy cleaning

The attractive safety glass and stainless steel showcase allows for quick and easy professional cleaning.


  • Multi-shelf display for self-service of warm packaged and non-packaged food

  • Low overall height allows good overview at the point of sale

  • Temperature individually adjustable for each level

  • Simple operation

  • Sales-promoting lighting by powerful LED lamps on each level

  • Enhanced merchandise pressure from mirrored doors

  • Optionally with glass doors for 360° view of your products 

  • Proven Beer technology

  • Classy high-quality stainless steel and safety glass design

  • Easy to clean surfaces

  • Optional: Guard shields for heating radiators increases safety for your customers


Device sizeDimensions mm (WxDxH)Active surfaceElectrical connectionElectrical powerPlug
GN 2/1770 x 650 x 1354*1.02 m2230 V2.3 kW12 / Schuko
GN 3/11110 x 650 x 1354*1.53 m2400 V3.63 kW15 / CEE 16
GN 4/11450 x 650 x 1354*2.04 m2400 V4.62 kW15 / CEE 16
GN 5/11790 x 650 x 1354*2.55 m2400 V5.94 kW15 / CEE 16

*Corresponds to the total height of a mobile Culinario with a 5E 450 showcase

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