Quadro Hot

Solid food dispensing showcase for the smallest sales areas.

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Perfect climate for your dishes

Individual climate settings for maximum storage life and optimum product quality.

Sales-promoting LED lighting

High performance LED illuminants stage your food to promote sales.

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Practical and good in
a square design

The flexible solution for your food presentation

Experience the perfect combination of appealing design and intelligent technology with the Quadro Hot food dispensing showcase. Present your warm convenience food in the best quality and light, any time of day. With individually controllable upper and lower heat for each GN tray and four different climate settings, the Quadro Hot allows for targeted and flexible food presentation.

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Clear selective controls

With its sophisticated control concept, Quadro Hot is easy and efficient to operate. 

4 climate types can be set individually

Quadro Hot allows you to set the climate types warm & dry, warm & humid/steamy, neutral or on crushed ice individually, enabling ideal conditions for different types of food.

Versatile in use

The Quadro Hot food dispensing showcase is perfect for use in various areas, such as the take-away, butchery, petrol station or kiosk sector.

One system for all applications

The Uno range features heated and cooled showcases in uniform, compact design. Thus, the different showcase models are ideal to combine – including the option of changing from serviced to self-serviced. 


Uno accessories – state of the art food dispensing

With the wide range of accessories, you can create atmospheric scenes. Theme-related solutions such as wok or paella pans, griddles, etc. provide nearly unlimited options. Always prepared for any time of the day and any occasion. This is modern, aesthetic and appetizing food dispensing.


The benefits at a glance

  • Set top and bottom heat individually for each GN field

  • Portable system for use anywhere

  • Flexible integration into your daily routine

  • Compact food showcase for smallest sales areas

  • The add-on mirror can be stowed in the cutting-board console

  • 4 types of climate for each GN field to suit various food selections: warm & dry, warm & humid / steamy, neutral or on crushed ice

  • Optionally available with cutting board

  • Optional colour finish to suit your colour scheme

  • Optional water replenishing reminder incl. buzzer

  • Wide selection of accessories to suit varying food selections, from breakfast to evening snacks

Models Table-top

Device sizeInserts ofDimensions mm (WxD*xH)Glass structure typeElectrical connectionMax. nominal currentElectrical powerPlug
GN 1/1-40GN inserts to max.
depth of 40 mm
398 x 584 / 784 x 552square230 V4.4 A1.0 kW12 / Schuko
GN 1/1-100GN inserts to max.
depth of 100 mm
398 x 584 / 784 x 612square230 V4.4 A1.0 kW12 / Schuko
GN 2/1-40GN inserts to max.
depth of 40 mm
738 x 584 / 784 x 552square230 V8.7 A2.0 kW12 / Schuko
GN 2/1-100GN inserts to max.
depth of 100 mm
738 x 584 / 784 x 612square230 V8.7 A2.0 kW12 / Schuko

*Dimensions without /with cutting board on operator side

Quadro Hot GN 2 /1, two different climates are possible

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Models & Data