Culinario Master Touch

The world’s only food dispensing showcase with patented intuitive programmable touch-screen controls.

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Screens also on the customer side

Displays for individual notices, e.g. declarations, origin, allergen information, special offers, weekly campaigns, prices, etc.

The best lighting in food service

4-colour LEDs for perfect colour settings for each GN.

Perfect climate for your dishes

Maximum storage life and optimum product quality of your food due to individual climate setting for each GN.

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Intuitive patented controls joined to proven Beer technology

Clear touch-screen controls

The newly developed Culinario Master Touch combines the Culinario system's proven advantages with novel, intuitive controls via 4.3" touch panels.


Safe operation – via programmes or manual control

The operating personnel selects the correct climate and light settings for each GN field simply by touching the pictures of the dishes on the display. In addition, standard product configurations can be stored as programmes and selected as needed.

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Patented state of the art control system

The intuitive control system via 4.3" touch screens securely leads you to the right settings. Select the perfect climate and light settings by touching the product images. False settings are virtually impossible. In companies with several locations, the standardized software guarantees a uniform presentation and quality of the products everywhere.

Customer information directly on the showcase

The optional customer-side displays are perfect for individual notices, e.g. declarations, bargains, the week's specials, etc. There is no need to place signs, and the whole array is nice and tidy.

Set 4 climate types individually for each Gastronorm (GN) field

Culinario is the world's only food dispensing showcase that lets you individually set the climate type for each GN field: warm & dry, warm & humid/steamy, neutral or on crushed ice, enabling ideal conditions for different types of food.

Sales-enhancing LED lighting

The state of the art Master Touch showcase with its attractive 4-colour LED lighting is unbeatable. The optimum colour balancing guarantees the ideal, appealing lighting for the various types of dishes in the showcase.

ESS energy saving system for enhanced economy

The integrated energy saving software module ESS guarantees the optimum use of residual heat by only supplying energy when needed, thus saving more than 40% on your power expenses.

One System for all applications

The Culinario line comprises hot showcases, cold showcases and combined hot/cold showcases in uniform modern design. Thus, the different showcase models are ideal to combine – including the option of changing from serviced to self-serviced. Integratable, stand-alone and mobile models are available.


Award-winning technology

Culinario Master Touch has won the SMART Label Award for digital innovation. This international honour is awarded by Fiera Milano in cooperation with to products, services and projects distinguished by special features in functionality, technology, ecological sustainability and ethical or social effects.

Culinario accessories – state of the art food dispensing

The wide range of accessories allows you to create atmospheric scenes. Theme-related solutions such as wok or paella pans, griddles, etc. provide nearly unlimited options. Always prepared for any time of the day and any occasion. Culinario Easy for a modern, aesthetic and appetizing presentation of food.


The benefits at a glance

  • Intuitive menus on the 4.3" touch screens easily guide the operating personnel to the ideal climate settings

  • Optional customer-side displays for product declarations, price labels, etc.

  • Pre-set product-specific settings guarantee optimum product quality and perfect lighting

  • 4-colour LEDs for perfect colour settings for each GN

  • 2,500 lumen light intensity

  • Product configuration plans can be set and stored as a comprehensive programme and selected as needed

  • Optical and acoustic reminders to replenish water for process safety

  • The included software makes it easy to create your own product programme images

  • USB interface allows you to upload your own images and transfer programmes between appliances

Models fitted / table top

Device sizeDimensions mm (WxDxH)Electrical connectionElectrical powerPlug
GN 2/1770 x 650 x 604230 V2.10 kW12 / Schuko
GN 3/11110 x 650 x 604400 / 230 V3.15 kW15 / Schuko
GN 4/11450 x 650 x 604400 V4.20 kW15 / CEE 16
GN 5/11790 x 650 x 604400 V5.25 kW15 / CEE 16

Other designs available

Models mobile/ free-standing

Device sizeDimensions mm (WxDxH)Electrical connectionElectrical powerPlug
GN 2/1770 x 650 x 1304230 V2.10 kW12 / Schuko
GN 3/11110 x 650 x 1304400 / 230 V3.15 kW15 / Schuko
GN 4/11450 x 650 x 1304400 V4.20 kW15 / CEE 16
GN 5/11790 x 650 x 1304400 V5.25 kW15 / CEE 16

Other designs available

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