Beer Marie

The bain-marie with proven Beer technology for professional food warm-keeping.

Produkt Teaser Beer Marie

Sales-promoting LED lighting

Powerful LED illuminants attractively stage your dishes.

Automatic water replenishing

Automatic water-level check and replenishing guarantee hight safety level.

Hygiene – cleaning

Hygienic design with rounded edges allows easy cleaning and surfaces free of germs and viruses.

Beer Marie Inhaltsseite

Bain-marie in classy Beer design

Functional and easy to use

With Beer Marie, Beer Grill offer a unique, pioneering solution in the field of bain-maries.

With its easy to operate Culinario technology, Beer Marie meets highest demands. The automatic checking and replenishing of the water level guarantees high process safety and easy operation. Due to its optimated heating system, Beer Marie consumes less energy than ordinary bain-maries. Additional, GN containers with up to 200mm water depth can be used.

With its classy Beer design and high-quality workmanship. Beer Marie can be integrated into any sales concept with matching further hot and/or cold showcases from Beer.

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Simple safe cleaning

Beer Marie features digital controls. The tub feature automatic water-level checking and replenishing.

Hygiene and cleaning

The interior tub with its rounded edges and incline for draining allows efficient, easy cleaning. Meeting highest hygiene standards is ni problem.

Sales-enhancing LED lighting

The LED lighting is switched automatically in addition to the infra-red heating lamps for dramatic food presentation. You may choose between a warm or cool hue of light to best suit the type of food on display.

One System for all applications

The Culinario line comprises hot showcases, cold showcases and combined hot/cold showcases in uniform modern design. Thus, the different showcase models are ideal to combine – including the option of changing from serviced to self-serviced.


Beer Marie accessories – state of the art food dispensing

The wide range of accessories allows you to create atmospheric scenes. Theme-related solutions, e.g. wok and paella pans, griddles, etc, give you virtually unlimited possibilities.

Theme-related solutions such as wok or paella pans, griddles, etc. provide nearly unlimited options. Always prepared for any time of the day and any occasion. Culinario Easy for a modern, aesthetic and appetizing presentation of food.


The benefits at a glance

  • Accepts GN containers up to 200 mm deep

  • Interior tub with hygienic design with rounded edges and incline for draining the water

  • Proven Culinario glass case with standard LED lighting

  • Neutral light is automatically switched in addition for perfect illumination

  • Classy high-quality stainless steel and safety glass design

  • Simple operation

  • Temperature control by digital thermostat

  • Water level monitoring with automatic replenishing

  • Low energy consumption

  • Short heating-up period

  • Available in sizes GN 2/1 to GN 5/1

  • Optionally available without glass case

  • Easy to clean surfaces


Device sizeDimensions mm (WxDxH)Electrical connectionElectrical powerPlug
GN 2/1760 x 650 x 779400 / 230 V2,65 kW15 / Schuko
GN 3/11110 x 650 x 779400 V3,95 kW15 / CEE 16
GN 4/11440 x 650 x 779400 V4,25 kW15 / CEE 16
GN 5/11780 x 650 x 779400 V6,55 kW15 / CEE 16

Other designs available

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