Guetli shop,

Guetli shop,

Guetli shop,

Guetli shop,


Rieden 1, 6370 Stans, Switzerland

Josef Gut AG

Beer Hot Rack, Culinario Duplex

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Basic requirements for the counter

  • Simple handling

  • Refilling option from the rear side

  • Individual control of the upper and lower heaters as well as per unit

  • Enhanced presentation of the dishes and also more product pressure

  • Compulsory cough shield


Special additional function and utility

Specialties of this configuration are the chassis finish in a custom colour tone and the light temperature of 3000 Kelvin for optimum food presentation. The GN 4/1 Hot Rack and a Beer Culinario Easy Duplex were customised to create the desired product pressure.

Guetli Shop, Switzerland

The Josef Gut AG is a fourth-generation family-owned company. Having started with firewood, later switching to coal, the business now sells fuel oil. In 1996, they opened a motorway petrol station with the integrated «Guetli Shop». The brothers Christoph and Patrick are the fourth generation of the Gut family running the company. With their talent for innovation, they succeeded at continuously developing in a demanding market environment and establishing the retail shop as a forward-looking activity aside from the fuel oil business.

Report in Gourmet magazine (12/18)

Innovative selection – innovative presentation

One might think the petrol station and the attached Guetli Shop in Stans, the main town in the Canton of Nidwalden, is the hub of Switzerland. There is a continuous hustle and bustle of customers – who come to fuel, to shop, to feed. When you enter the Guetli Shop, you realise why: the shop offers a lot more than an ordinary petrol station shop: the choice selection of wines and regional specialties, the multitude of home-made treats leave nothing to desire. The wide variety of snacks, sandwiches and freshly prepared dishes are optimally staged in the sales and presentation showcases from Beer Grill AG in Villmergen and simply make your mouth water.   Learn more

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