The unique high-tech food showcase that can be switched from heated to cooled with induction heating/warming plates, fresh steam system and forced-air cooling.

Produkt Teaser Vulcano

Sales-promoting LED lighting

Powerful LED illuminants attractively stage your dishes.

Perfect climate for your dishes

Individual climate settings for maximum storage life and optimum product quality.age du climat.

Environment friendly refrigerant

Now available with refrigerant R290a.

Vulcano Inhaltsseite

The world's first multifunctional (heated/cooled) food showcase – patented

Unlimited variety in presenting food

Vulcano allows you to offer your dishes in optimum climate: hot & dry, hot & humid, actively cooled or neutral. With only 30 minutes climate-switching time, the showcase allows optimum flexible adaptation to your varying food selection. Thus, Vulcano enables perfect use of space and maximum flexibility.

Vulcano allows you to adapt your selection to varying customer demand around the clock, 24/7.

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Stylish presentation in new shapes and colours

The showcase's seamless presentation area in combination with an abundance of induction-suitable dishes in various shapes and sizes gives you all opportunities to realise new ideas and promising concepts.

Choose between 4 types of climate to suit the contents in one single appliance

Vulcan offers the climate types warm & dry, warm & humid, neutral, and – after only 30 minutes changeover time: actively cooled. Thus, you can flexibly realise varying all-day concepts as well as seasonal or theme-related ideas.

Sales-enhancing LED lighting

The modern food dispensing showcase convinces with its attractive LED lighting system. The ideal and appealing lighting for a broad selection of food is guaranteed.

One system for all applications

The Culinario line comprises hot showcases, cold showcases and combined hot/cold showcases in uniform modern design. Thus, the different showcase models are ideal to combine – including the option of changing from serviced to self-serviced.


Vulcano accessories – state of the art food dispensing

With the wide range of accessories, you are perfectly equipped to create atmospheric scenes for any time of day and every theme-related occasion! This is modern, aesthetic and appetizing food dispensing.


The benefits at a glance

  • Maximum variability with little space requirements

  • Short switching and conversion periods for four different climates: warm & dry, warm & humid, active cold or neutral

  • The adaptable fresh steam system keeps your dishes at their fresh best

  • Heating by full-surface induction

  • Active forced-air cooling (refrigeration class M2) keeps cold products enduringly fresh

  • State of the art technology saves energy

  • LED plus infrared illumination for optimum food presentation

  • Switch from self-service to serviced simply by inserting the front glass panel 

  • Available as integratable, stand-alone or mobile version

  • With autonomous cooling unit or connection to central cooling

  • Wide range of flexible accessories


Dimensions mm (WxDxH)Presentation surface mm (WxDxH)Electrical connectionElectrical power with fresh steamElectrical power without fresh steamMax. nominal currentPlug
780 x 900 x 1300650 x 600400 V3800 W2250 W7.0 ACEE 16A
1120 x 900 x 1300975 x 600400 V4900 W3350 W10.5 ACEE 16A
1460 x 900 x 13001300 x 600400 V6000 W4450 W14.0 ACEE 16A
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