Marché International AG

Marché International AG

Marché International AG

2019 / 2020

Various sites (airports, motorway services)
in Europe and Singapore Photo: airport Düsseldorf

Marché International AG

Planning and conception
Marché International AG

Beer Hotplates, Solaris Light/Heat Bridge

Inahltsbild Marche Flughafen Prag

The restaurants’ objectives

  • Constant temperature control for keeping food warm or cold on 2 levels
    in special and large formats
  • Optimal lighting of the dishes
  • Innovative design
  • Easy access from front and back sides for filling and for the customers
  • Optimum utilisation of space at airports and motorway services
  • Forward-looking hygiene concept in food dispensing
  • Simple cleaning

Marché International AG

The globally active company of Swiss origin develops innovative gastronomic solutions and runs businesses on motorways and at airports, zoos and in choice city locations. Their multi-facetted brands like Marché, Mövenpick, Palavrion Grill & Bar, Mövenpick Restaurants, White Monkey and Cindy’s Diner offer their guests fascinating food and gusto experiences distinguished by their freshness and quality at 174 sites in eight countries.

Head office
+41 56 618 78 00
Service / Spare parts
+41 56 618 78 28

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