Coop restaurant,

Coop restaurant,

Coop restaurant,

Coop restaurant,


Bahnhofstrasse 57, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland

Coop Cooperative

Culinario Easy

Inhaltsbild St Annahof

Basic requirements for the counter

  • Keeping warm dishes at optimum temperature
  • Inviting presentation of dishes
  • Manual controls
  • Simple & easy handling


Special additional function and utility

At the warm dispensing counter, the supports for the upper glass panel were moved back and made slimmer – to facilitate the showcase service for the personnel.

COOP, Switzerland

The Coop Genossenschaft (co-operative, [ko-op]) are one of the largest retail and wholesale companies in Switzerland. Under their own name, they operate supermarkets, department stores (Coop City), Restaurants, DIY markets (Coop Bau+Hobby), pharmacies in a joint venture with Galenica (Coop Vitality), and, via their subsidiary Transgourmet Holding, Coop are active as a wholesaler for gastronomy and commerce in Switzerland and abroad and, with the Marché restaurants, in roadhouse restaurants. The conglomerate realises annual sales of 30.7 b. CHF.

Report in Gourmet magazine (6/18)

How to successfully present – and sell – food today!

In Switzerland’s most famous and exclusive shopping street – the Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich – lies one of the flagships of Swiss Coop’s gastronomy: On the fifth floor of the long-standing St. Annahof department store, guests can enjoy culinary delights prepared in strict compliance with the rules of the latest Swiss food ordinance. The new directive prompted Coop to standardise their gastronomic concept throughout the country. The resulting synergies pay off – last not least thanks to the Culinario Easy food presentation showcases from Beer Grill AG.   Learn more

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