Michael Niebuhr

«The Beer gas grill is in almost daily use in our catering jobs. It excels by its improved functionality and simple cleaning. By this and further qualities it meets our highest requirements».

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Nordenholzer Hof GmbH
Michael Niebuhr
Kreuzweg 9                                       
D-27798 Hude   

Event office: +49 (0)4408 98473-21
Restaurant: +49 (0)4408 98473-20
Website: www.nordenholzer-hof.de


Michael Niebuhr, owner 

Michael Niebuhr is the owner of Split Food catering service founded in 2004. Born in Oldenburg in the German state of Lower Saxony in 1971, he has many years of experience in upscale gastronomy. Michael Niebuhr is known as a champion of pure and genuine cuisine. His success is based on creativity and professionalism.


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«Split Food» Catering-Service 

Straightforward, honest, without frills – that’s Split Food, Oldenburg’s renowned catering service. Split Food takes the best from German, French and Italian cuisine and combines it in new creations, where fresh, pure ingredients and highest product quality form the basis for unique and distinctive culinary delights.

Head office
+41 56 618 78 00
Service / Spare parts
+41 56 618 78 28

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