Markus Tust

«For our customers, sustainability includes the enduring value of their investments. This requires developing concepts for the future with technical equipment of guaranteed exceptional quality. In every detail, without exception».

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Markus Tust, Partner and CEO 

Markus Tust has been working im communal catering for more than 30 years. Since twenty years, he is active in consulting and planning for renowned German and international public and private clients from the global take-away market. His expertise in conception and gastronomic and professional kitchen planning is part of SODA GROUP, an innovation-oriented enterprise for strategic planning, realising and marketing most diverse types of concepts and operations for all conceivable requirements.


We help our clients to keep being successful in the future.

With our service portfolio that comprises strategy, planning, conception, realisation and communication, we attend to positioning our clients wherever a perfect culinary experience is required – from the initial idea to ongoing quality management. ​

At our locations in Bochum, Fürth and Schrobenhausen near Munich, a total of 70 employees pool their expertise and efforts in working on domestic and international projects.

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