Hot Cube – self-service

Compact heated filigree design self-service showcase for convenience food.

Produkt Teaser Hot Cube SB


Modern design for a good overview and safe product selection at the point of sale.

More merchandise pressure

The mirror on the backside door increases merchandise pressure to enhance sales.

Correct temperature

Continuously adjustable temperature for each level guarantees maximum storage life and optimum product quality.

Hot Cube sb Inhaltsseite

Attractive self-service food dispensing showcase for the food to go area

Slim design with optimum use of space

Full of variety, state of the art design: the new Hot Cube series. Designed for maximum turnover at the point of sale, the new extremely filigree showcase for self-service sales requires only a minimum of table space and stages your products in perfection.

Individually adjustable temperatures for each display level allow maximum flexibility for presenting a variety of dishes and snacks.

With its compact construction, the system ideally adapts to concepts directly at the sales front in take away, bakery, butcher shop, petrol station or kiosk areas.

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Correct temperature

With a simple twist of the rotary switch, the temperature of the hotplate adjusts from 30°C to 90°C (86°F to 194°F) for each level. Your dishes remain at their best for a longer period, won't continue cooking and don't dry out – your customers will be delighted.



Clear view for your customers

Due to its transparent design, Hot Cube gives your customers a comprehensive view of your selection, generating additional sales of packaged and non-packaged convenience food.

Touchless & Hygiene

Due to the sneeze shield and the absence of obstacles, e.g. doors, the appliance fulfils highest hygienic standards.

Easy cleaning

The attractive safety glass and stainless steel showcase allows for quick and easy professional cleaning.

The benefits at a glance

  • Compact, plug-in tabletop appliance

  • Classy high-quality stainless steel and glass design

  • Sales-enhancing lighting for your food selection

  • Continuously adjustable hotplate service temperature from 30°C to 90°C (86°F to 194°F)

  • Guaranteed equal temperature on the whole surface

  • Enhanced merchandise pressure from mirrored rear door

  • Heat support from above from powerful infrared radiators

  • Temperature individually adjustable for each level

  • Easy to clean surfaces

  • Simple operation

  • Fulfils hygiene standards with sneeze shield

  • Wing door on rear side

  • Available as single, double or triple unit in GN 1/2 and GN 2/1 sizes

  • NEW also available as GN 1/1 crosswise simplex


Device sizeDimensions mm (WxDxH)Electrical connectionElectrical powerMax. nominal currentPlug
GN 1/1388 x 683 x 367230 V490 W2.1 A12 / Schuko
GN 1/1 transversal598 x 505 x 368230 V490 W2.2 A12 / Schuko
GN 2/1 713 x 683 x 367230 V870 W3.8 A12 / Schuko


Device sizeDimensions mm (WxDxH)Electrical connectionElectrical powerElectrical powerPlug
GN 1/1388 x 683 x 685230 V980 W4.3 A12 / Schuko
GN 2/1 713 x 683 x 685230 V1740 W7.6 A12 / Schuko


Device sizeDimensions mm (WxDxH)Electrical connectionElectrical powerMax. nominal currentPlug
GN 1/1 388 x 683 x 1003230 V1470 W6.4 A12 / Schuko
GN 2/1 713 x 683 x 1003400 / 230 V2610 W7.4 / 11.4 A15 / Schuko
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