WP 1/1 PRO

Filigree, compact hotplate combined with an infrared heating lamp in a single appliance.

Produkt Teaser WP 1 1 PRO v2

Modern design for your sales area

The slim, lightweight construction of the black glass presentation surface creates a classy, modern presentation.

Versatile to use

The plug-in appliance WP 1/1 PRO is easy to set up anywhere. Also, the slim design lets you place several units in a row.


WP 1 1 PRO Inhaltsseite v5

Versatile buffet solution for keeping warm and presenting dishes

Versatile and easy presentation and warm keeping

The Beer WP 1/1 PRO combines the advantages of the proven Beer hotplate with an efficient Beer infrared heater. The classy black tempered glass presentation areas provides the foundation for keeping your food and beverages warm. The even temperature of the whole glass surface combined with a high-performance IR radiator guarantees highest quality and sales-enhancing presentation of your products.

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Simple handling

The plug-in WP 1/1 PRO is easy and efficient to operate. Extremely simple to clean.

Continuous temperature setting

The surface temperature can be set continuously from 30°C to 90°C (86°F to 194°F). The equal temperature of the whole glass surface in combination with additional high-performance IR radiators guarantees best conditions for keeping your dishes and beverages warm.

Sales-enhancing lighting

Your culinary art is set in sales-enhancing lighting to get the desired attention.


The portable WP 1/1 PRO can be used anywhere and is simple to remove after the food has been sold so that the space can be used otherwise.



  • Extremely compact plug-in tabletop device

  • Slim modern stainless steel and glass design

  • Sales-enhancing illumination of the displayed products

  • Continuous surface temperature setting from 30°C to 90°C (86°F to 194°F)

  • Guaranteed equal surface temperature

  • Supporting heat from high-powered overhead IR radiators

  • Classy, easy to clean black glass surface

  • Portable device that can be used anywhere

  • Sturdy construction

  • Ideal for buffets, sales counters and party catering

Device sizeDimensions mm (WxDxH)Electrical connectionElectrical powerMax. nominal currentPlug
WP 1/1 PRO331/340 x 630 x 552230 V0.64 kW2.8 A12 / Schuko
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