Uno Compact

Compact controlled climate appliance for tightest sales spaces and mobile buffet use.

Produkt Teaser Uno Compact v7

Perfect climate for your dishes

Individual climate settings for maximum storage life and optimum product quality.

Combines mobility and flexibility

Uno Compact is easy to set up and easy to take down and can be attractively combined with other buffet modules.

Free view of your culinary art

Unlike chafing dishes, Uno Compact gives a free view of your food and makes it easy for the guests to handle the dishes – and the food does not keep cooking.

Uno Compact Inhaltsseite v3

The compact solution for keeping warm and cold

The climate system for tightest sales spaces

The space-saving Uno Compact allows you to present warm and cold dishes in perfect climate to enhance sales. The easy to handle and mobile Uno compact features four climate variations. You can present your dishes in steamy warm, dry warm, neutral climate or contact cold on crushed ice, thus providing for the optimum conditions for every type of food.


Versatile use and combination options

Uno Compact requires little space and can be used independently from presentation surfaces and structural conditions. It can be used on its own or with modern accessories and also in effective and attractive combination with the Solaris light/heat bridge. The many possible combinations of light and heat allow optimal illumination of your dishes.

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Easy handling

The plug-in Uno Compact is easy and efficient to use. Extremely simple handling is guaranteed.

4 climate types can be set individually

Uno Compact allows you to set the climate types warm & dry, warm & humid/steamy, neutral or cold on crushed ice individually, enabling ideal conditions for different types of food.

Attractive combination options for your food showcase

Uno Compact can be combined with further elements from Beer, e.g. Uno Compact, pans and woks to attractively stage your food to enhance sales. This gives you the advantage to visibly present your dishes, which is not possible in closed containers such as chafing dishes, which have the further disadvantage that the contents deteriorate by continued cooking.

Uno accessories – state of the art food dispensing

With the wide range of accessories, you can create atmospheric scenes. Theme-related solutions such as woks or griddles, etc. provide virtually unlimited options. Always prepared for any time of the day and any occasion. This is modern, aesthetic and appetizing food dispensing.



  • Proven Culinario technology in the smallest format GN 1/1

  • 4 climate zones – warm & dry, warm & humid/steamy, neutral or cold on crushed ice

  • Compact dimensions make it ideal for mobile use

  • Practical accessories available

  • Optimized energy consumption – only 700 Watts per unit

  • Optional colour finish to suit your colour scheme

  • Also ideal for use in combination with Solaris light/heat bridge

ModelsDimensions mm (WxDxH)GN basin insert (max. height)Insert plates (format)Electrical connectionElectrical powerMax. nominal currentPlug
Uno Compact 65345 x 575 x 17565 mmGN 1/1230 V0.7 kW3.1 A12 / Schuko
Uno Compact 100398 x 584 x 210100 mmGN 1/1230 V0.7 kW3.1 A12 / Schuko
Uno Compact 150398 x 584 x 250150 mmGN 1/1230 V0.7 kW3.1 A12 / Schuko
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