Culinario Elements

Modules with proven Beer technology for building your custom counters.

Sales-enhancing LED lighting

Powerful LED illuminants stage your food to enhance sales.

Perfect climate for your dishes

Individual climate settings for maximum storage life and optimum product quality.

Culinario Elements Inhaltsseite v6

Proven Beer technology for custom counter construction

Flexible design for your food counter

Culinario Elements offer optimum solutions for constructing your food dispensing counter according to your individual concept or a planner's design, incorporating Beer Grill's proven climate system.

Choose from our ranges Culinario Easy, Culinario Arctis or Solaris to find the ideal appliance solution for your project, and combine this with a glass top cabinet designed according to your wishes, which you can have built by a trusted partner.

Models & Data

Clear selective controls

With its sophisticated control concept, the Culinario Easy showcase is simple and easy to operate. The appliance's manual controls are ergonomically located at eye level. Set temperature and LED light individually for each GN unit.

5 types of climate can be set individually

The Culinario Elements modules allow you to individually set the climate type. Choose between: warm & dry, warm & humid/steamy, neutral or on crushed ice and also forced-air cooling, thus providing ideal conditions for different types of food.

Sales-enhancing LED lighting

Your food counter excels with its attractive LED lighting system. The ideal and appealing lighting for a broad selection of dishes is guaranteed.

Culinario accessories – state of the art food dispensing

The wide range of accessories allows you to create atmospheric scenes. Theme-related solutions such as wok or paella pans, griddles, etc. provide nearly unlimited options. Always prepared for any time of the day and any occasion. Culinario Easy for a modern, aesthetic and appetizing food presentation.



  • Combine Beer Grill's know-how with an individual glass case of your choice for the optimum solution in food presentation

  • Various appliances for five different climate zones

  • In the formats GN 2/1 to 5/1

  • Basic appliances and light/heating channels are also available individually

Culinario Elements Easy

Device sizeDimensions mm (WxDxH)Electrical connectionElectrical power
GN 2/1770 x 650 x 200230 V1.4 kW
GN 3/11110 x 650 x 200230 V2.1 kW
GN 4/11450 x 650 x 200400 V2.8 kW
GN 5/11790 x 650 x 200400 V3.5 kW

Lighting/heating channels Easy and Solaris ranges

Device sizeDimensions Easy* mm (WxDxH) Electrical powerDimensions Solaris mm (WxDxH)Electrical powerElectrical connection
Warm and cold light 2/1767 x 269 x 820.65 kW768 x 277 x 790.6 kW230 V
Warm and cold light 3/11107 x 269 x 820.95 kW1108 x 277 x 790.9 kW230 V
Warm and cold light 4/11447 x 269 x 821.25 kW1448 x 277 x 791.2 kW230 V
Warm and cold light 5/11787 x 269 x 821.55 kW1788 x 277 x 791.5 kW230 V

*incl. connection profile

Culinario Elements Arctis

Device sizeDimensions EK* mm (WxDxH)Dimensions ZK* mm (WxDxH)Electrical connectionElectrical power EK*Electrical power ZK*
GN 2/1835 x 725 x 673835 x 725 x 493230 V0.315 kW0.024 kW
GN 3/11160 x 725 x 6731160 x 725 x 493230 V0.47 kW0.028 kW
GN 4/11485 x 725 x 6731485 x 725 x 493230 V0.51 kW0.034 kW
GN 5/11810 x 725 x 7131810 x 725 x 493230 V0.6 kW0.039 kW

*EK = autonomous refrigeration (with refrigerant R290a) / ZK = central refrigeration

Light channels Easy and Solaris ranges

Device sizeDimensions Easy* mm (WxDxH)Dimensions Solaris mm (WxDxH)Electrical connectionElectrical power
Cold light PLL 2/1767 x 248 x 67768 x 167 x 79230 V0.09 kW
Cold light PLL 3/11107 x 248 x 671108 x 167 x 79230 V0.18 kW
Cold light PLL 4/11447 x 248 x 671448 x 167 x 79230 V0.27 kW
Cold light PLL 5/11787 x 248 x 671788 x 167 x 79230 V0.27 kW

*incl. connection profile

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